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Boy fishing in overalls from a dock on a

Basic Essentials for Youth Club Fishing

Life vest – required by law, many boaters don’t have child sizes. Cannot be suspender type. Must be a vest. Will be worn at all times while on the boat so try to find one that is light weight and comfortable. 


A couple of rods and reels (whatever you are comfortable with spinning or baitcaster) No more than 5 rods per trip


Basic hooks (Like 3/0-5/0 EWG for plastic baits) and weights (range of sizes from 1/8 – 1 oz tungsten if possible vice lead)


Plastic Worm / Creature Baits (suggest stick worm, ribbon tail, and cut tail and crawfish imitator creature) Colors vary but I like Green Pumpkin, June bug, June bug red, watermelon red, black and blue.


Spinner Baits (suggest white and chartreuse or all white with willow shaped blades)


Top water baits (Frog ((plastic or hollow body)), popper, buzz bait)


Crank Bait (shallow water square bill, lipless, etc.)


Fishing line (suggest 30 lb braid or 15-17 lb Monofilament)


Tackle Bag / Box (small to fit in boat storage areas, soft side is usually better)


Rain Coat or Suit

Drinks (water and whatever else you need to stay hydrated for 8 hour fishing trip)

Food (sandwich or snacks for your lunch)


Polarized sunglasses 



Small towel to wipe hands after catching your big fish! 

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