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MBC Competition Rules, Terms and Conditions

Two elements comprise the rules, terms and conditions of competition in MBC events. Each competitor must agree to accept and abide by these rules, terms and stipulations as conditions of participation in a MBC Competitive Event.


Of course, this requires that each competitor read and understand them.

Any person who refuses to accept and abide by these rules, terms, stipulations and conditions is ineligible to compete. If a competitor, violation of rules will result in disqualification and forfeiture of Entry Fees and of any prizes, awards, and recognitions that he might otherwise have merited.

1. MBC Competition Rules Standards
2. MBC Waiver & Release of Liability Agreement

MBC Competition Rules Standards are found on the MBC Website at this web address: or

Two MBC Waiver & Release of Liability Agreements are found at this link.

All competitors aged 18 and older agree to the terms of that Agreement by registering for MBC competition.

A Youth version of the agreement must be printed, signed by a parent or legal guardian, the youth, and (if different than the parent/guardian), by the Adult Supervisor, who will accompany the youth during competition.

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