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MBC Youth Fishing FAQ's

Who is eligible to participate?

Any child who is between the age of 7 and 12. Anglers must be accompanied by an adult.


When are the seasons and where do we fish?

Season dates and fishing locations are determined by local league directors and are set up to match the best seasons to fish in your area


What if we do not know anything about fishing, can we still participate?

Yes.  One of the goals of the season is to introduce and teach as many people about fishing as possible.  We are relying on experienced anglers to recruit and take non-experienced anglers out fishing.  We know that everybody who wants to participate may not know an experienced fisher person.

Ask a relative, friend, or trusted neighbor that has some fishing experience to teach you how to get started!


How does the scoring work?

Anglers will use state of the art software the TourneyX app for keeping track of catching fish.


How much does an MBC Cost?

$30.00 per angler


Why should I register if I already take my kids fishing?

We applaud you for taking your kids fishing.  Kids love to fish.  Kids love to fish with their friends on a team.  Kids also love to get awards. They love to keep score.  They love to compete. Now they can have a place to track their progress and work towards a goal of achieving an “fishing score”. The anglers will be representing their city and state! They will also be eligible to fish in various local, state, and national tournaments.


What are the Age Divisions?

The names do not refer to what each age group has to fish for!  They are just names just like mites, pewees, and bantams are to hockey.

Minnow Ages 7-8

Panfish Ages 9-10

Bass Ages 11-12

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