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Miola Bass Club Basic Competition Rules

MBC Fishing Rules - Catch Photo Release Bass League-Tournaments


I. Participants and Eligibility

MBC fishing leagues, tournaments and events are open to the ages of 7 years -up at the start of a season, tournament, or event.

All participants in a local MBC affiliated event must be members of the MBC and have a wavier signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to participating.

Local volunteers and league directors determine MBC local seasons, tournament dates, and other events.

MBC programs require parents/legal guardians to provide and captain boats for open water fishing seasons.


II. League and Tournament Format

Using the Miola Bass Clubs TourneyX app Scoring System, anglers keep track of their “fishing scores” for each. Bass will be tracked on the MBC TourneyX club page.


Awards and recognition will be given out for each divisions.

Only bass caught by MBC anglers are eligible for scoring. A catch is considered a bass that is in possession of the angler. Artificial Bait only.


Parents and coaches may assist with various aspects of fishing like tying on lures, setting up rods, and any other functions related to fishing.


All federal, state, and local fishing regulations must be followed while participating in any MBC affiliated league, tournaments, and events.

Fishing scores need to be turned into TourneyX for each event.

Bass will be measured in inches, not weight. Your 4 digit identifier code needs to be in every bass picture you submit on the TourneyX app or on the TourneyX website.


A MBC Identifier Card is used in all of this year’s Leagues and Tournaments.


There are 8-MBC Identifier Cards per sheet intended for you to print off don’t leave home without it!


Fish need to be measured from left to right with dorsal fin up. Starting from the mouth on the left and ending with the tail on the right.


Please make sure your fish pictures are clear.

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